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Ensemble Welcomes Lightspan Digital as Newest Member

8/22/2014 – As you may have heard, Ensemble’s social media expert, SocialKaty, was sold to Manifest Digital in July 2014.  You can learn more here.  Congratulations Katy Lynch, on your great exit here.  Unfortunately, since Manifest serves later stage companies than Ensemble targets, they did not want to continue their relationship.  But, Katy was kind enough to help Ensemble secure its replacement expert in social media, based on her experience and this company’s terrific reputation in the industry.

So, Ensemble is pleased to announce that Lightspan Digital, led by the well respected Mana Ionescu, has become our new social media expert member.  As a bonus, Lightspan is also deep in email marketing and content marketing, to further broaden out our skill base across our members.  You can learn more about their business at their website.

Please join us in welcoming Mana and the Lightspan Digital team to Ensemble’s all-star team of digital experts.

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