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Our Multi-Month “Startup Excubator” Program for Do-It-For-Me Entrepreneurs

calendar yearBy aggregating the digital services of specific niche experts, we are able to offer our clients a one-stop “Digital Services Suite” for “Do-It-For-Me” entrepreneurs desiring high-ROI outsourced solutions. You can either engage one of the Ensemble members for one-off projects at their normal prices. Or, you can bundle three or more of the below services from our entire team of members, and save 20% from normal prices.

For companies that Ensemble believes would make good equity investments, we can offer up to 40% cash savings in exchange for a reasonable equity stake in your business. So, in those cases, as evidenced in the below example, that can save over $100,000 in cash out of pocket expense, allowing you to stretch your valuable cash resources even further.

Your project will be managed by one dedicated project manager, who will be your centralized conduit to the multiple services herein. And, you will also have access to the specific team member experts, if desired. And, the services will be provided as needed per an agreed upon calendar, not necessarily at the same time (e.g., start with strategy, then development, then marketing in sequence).

Our One-Day “Presto” Program for Do-It-Yourself Entrepreneurs

calendar dayIf you prefer to develop and market your business with your own inhouse resources, instead of an outsourced team at Ensemble, but feel you could benefit from digital experts who can help you “sanity check” and fine tune your high level strategy and go-to-market playbook, we also offer our “Presto” program as a crash course for “Do-It-Yourself” entrepreneurs.

For the one-time cost of $5,000, you will spend one day with the five members of Ensemble.  The first part of the day will be us learning more about your business, industry, competition, team, budgets and current direction.  And, the second part of the day, will be us helping you fine tune your overall business, development and marketing strategies and plans, with a customized and actionable blueprint to follow.  You will walk out of this one-day crash course with the best techniques for business modeling, attracting capital, technology design/development, search engine marketing, social media marketing and public relations, tailored for your exact business by the award-winning digital experts at Ensemble.

"Startup Excubator" Pricing

Fees Based on Six Month Contract* Example Case Study Only--Call For Custom Pricing

*Above is a representative case study only.  Assumes early stage business with $1MM valuation.  Call for exact pricing based on your needs/stage. *Six month minimum for equity clients.  Equity clients require 100% approval of members.

Hopefully, the chart above helps illustrate all the things you need to budget for in building a successful digital company. So, when developing your business plan, before you spend any money, it is essential to set aside enough resources to cover these kinds of services.  This will enable you to achieve a successful proof-of-concept (e.g. growth, scale), and ultimately, help you to attract investors and other partners down the road.

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