A Symphony of Chicago Digital Experts

Why Ensemble?

Ensemble’s All-Star powered “Digital Services Suite” at 20-40% savings is designed to materially increase an entrepreneur’s stand-alone odds of success, as we have “been there and done that” with scores of client case studies detailing current best practices in the industry to use as your blueprint. But, don’t take our word on it. Feel free to reach out to any of our member’s clients as happy references.

Check out this great video which summarizes Ensemble (courtesy of BlacklineReview.com):


Engaging a collection of award-winning digital experts equals greater success and results for your business.


A one-stop shop for startup consulting, technology design & development, search engine marketing, social media marketing, public relations and venture capital.


Save 20% to 40% in out-of-pocket cash costs vs. buying these types of services on a one-off basis.


Benefit from proven “blueprints” from past client case studies to plan, execute and benchmark your efforts—double your odds of success.


Our process forces you to think about customer acquisition strategies upfront during tech planning, to make sure you budget enough up front, before you start.


Be considered a “best of breed” startup serviced by “best of breed” digital services partners, that should be very attractive to investors and partners down the road.


Have confidence in a large base of happy past client references that will sing our praises.


As successful, high-growth entrepreneurs ourselves, we have first-hand knowledge what it takes to successful build early-stage digital businesses.

Why Not Others?

  • Generalist marketing agencies are jacks of all trades and masters of none. This alliance aggregates all the digital masters in each skill set under one brand.
  • Startup incubators carry a lot of dead weight with failing portfolio companies and typically provide guidance from financial investors. We only associate with the best companies and provide insight from industry veterans.
  • Accelerator programs are typically only 12 weeks in length, and are designed for a very short stage of your growth. We are in it for the long term, with an evolving playbook and tactics as you growth over time.
  • Startup co-location facilities simply provide you a desk and advice from peers. We provide actionable insights from proven professionals.
  • Startup universities teach digital marketing based on yesterday’s techniques, which are ever changing. We teach marketing based on what is working right now.
  • Venture capitalists typically take a big equity stake for simply writing a cash check. We take a reasonable equity stake, bringing much needed digital execution skills to your business.

Why Are We Doing This?

We truly feel this is a better way to serve our clients, with a completely different one-stop expert approach than what is available in the market today. It gives us a smart way to take equity in startups, by leveraging the collective wisdom and expertise of the alliance members, putting our money where our mouths are, and fostering an environment for rapid growth. We are hopeful our clients will be twice as successful than typical companies with this model, giving startups a higher ROI on their investment and creating more jobs.

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